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Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion 30 Day Smoothing Kit Review


So for today, I have something a little different than the usual.  Its not nail related, but I still wanted to share this with you guys.  I bought the Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion 30 Day Smoothing Kit a couple weeks ago. I finally got around to using it, and wanted to share my experience with you.

According to the Suave webpage
Formulated with KERALOCK TECHNOLOGY, this revolutionary system infuses hair with keratin protein and leaves it sleeker, smoother and easier to style. The Keratin Infusion 30 Day Smoothing Kit is a simple, at-home chemical treatment that is an alternative to expensive formaldehyde-based salon keratin treatments. It transforms frizz for up to 30 days. The rest of the Keratin Infusion range maintains your smooth style every day.
I have thick coarse hair, and I absolutely hate doing my hair.  I normally just let my hair air dry and use a little bit of some sort of smoothing cream. I wanted to try this kit out because I was hoping it'd make it smoother with less frizz, and I was curious about the product.

Here is a before picture of my hair:

This was taken after my hair had air dried completely with no products.

Picture of what is included in the kit: 

Immediately after finishing the kit:

This is after the third step of blow drying and flat ironing.

48 Hours After:

This is after the first wash.  I let it air dry and didn't use any product in my hair. 

Don't mind the crappy pictures.  It was hard to get a decent picture of my hair.  

The kit wasn't hard to use.  Its a 3 step system, and if you've ever dyed your hair at home, its very similar to that. The first step is probably the worst.  

The first step is the smoothing cream.  You work it through your hair without rubbing it into your scalp. This stuff smells really bad. It smells like the chemicals they use at salons for perms and what not.  During this step you're supposed to keep brushing your hair straight. There are different lengths of time your supposed to keep this in your hair depending on your hair type, I kept it in for 20 mins.  After the time is up, you rinse it out.  I lost a lot of hair during this step.  It wasn't so much that I was freaked out I was going to go bald or anything, but a lot more than usual. I wouldn't do this if you have thin or damaged hair because this step would probably do a lot more damage than hair falling out.  

Step two is the cuticle seal cream. This has a scent, but its a nice smell, not anything chemically like the first one. You work this into your hair and keep it in for 7 minutes regardless of hair type still combing the hair straight.  After the 7 minutes you wash it out. This is the step where I felt my hair was getting smoother.  It was very silky and smooth which washing the cream out and it was straighter than it normally is.  

Step three is the last step.  Its just heat defense leave-in conditioner.  You just need a dime size amount, and can save the rest to use as needed. During this step, you blow dry your hair and flat iron if you'd like.  I did both just because I wanted my hair to be as smooth and straight as possible.  

After all this, it says not to wash your hair for 48 hours.  This was a little annoying just because I wash my hair everyday, and if I don't it gets ridiculously oily.  I just used a lot of dry shampoo in between.

Now that its been over 48 hours, my hair feels a lot smoother than before.  There are less kinks in my hair, and its very soft.  I think I'll still have to use some sort of smoothing cream for the fly aways, but my hair is a lot less frizzy.  I'm curious to see if it'll last 30 days.  I'll update after the 30 days to let you know how well it lasted.  

Well that was a very lengthy post.  I'll probably post my Easter nails today or tomorrow.  

Thanks for stopping by!

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