Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to post really quick the Halloween themed nails that I wore this week. I also included my jack-o-lantern that I carved.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Color Club - Ho-Ho-Holly

Here is the second polish I own from the Color Club Winter/holiday 2012 collection Winter Affair, Ho-Ho-Holly. Ho-Ho-Holly is a golden green shimmer with flashes of turquoise.  This isn't your usual Christmas tree green. Look at how shimmery and glowy (is that even a word) this polish is!

Ho-Ho-Holly is pretty thin, and I needed three coats.  Luckily the formula didn't give me any problems and dried very quickly.

Its almost Halloween, and I've been rocking Christmas polishes. I need to do some Halloween nails before its too late! Maybe that's what my next post will be. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Random Instagram Nails


So unfortunately I've gotten very behind in blogging. I just haven't had the time to blog with school and work. I did still find the time to post to Instagram though. Since I haven't blogged in a while, I wanted to share some of my Instagram pictures with you.

You can follow me on Instagram at helenk90.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I'll be posting again very soon. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Wet N Wild Magnetic Effect Swatches

Hey there!

Today I have swatches of four Wet N Wild Magnetic Effect polishes. I have Don't Break The Circuit, I Won't Repel You, Bad For Credit Cards, and Igniting The Spark. I wasn't going to post these until I got all of the polishes from this collection, but I haven't been able to find the rest of the collection in my area.

Don't Break The Circuit with the magnetic that came included on the cap.

I Won't Repel You also with the magnet that came included on the cap. 

Bad For Credit Cards with a Born Pretty Store star magnet. 

Igniting The Spark with a Nails Inc magnet that is included on the cap.

I used two coats of polish in my pictures, though I think a few fingers may have a third just because the magnetic effect didn't turn out the way I liked. The formula didn't give me any problems, and I really didn't have an issue with the magnets. The magnetic effect turned out really nice, a lot nicer than the Nails Inc magnetic polishes in my opinion.  I love how distinctive the patterns turned out. 

I think these polishes are worth picking up if you find them, especially since these are cheaper than most on the market. I got these for $4.99 each at CVS. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Color Club - Gift Of Sparkle

Hi there!

Today, I have pictures of Color Club's Gift Of Sparkle.  This polish is part of the Winter/holiday 2012 collection, Winter Affair. Gift Of Sparkle is a purple glitter with scattered holo glitter. The glitter is suspended in a blueish purple jelly base.

I used three coats of Gift Of Sparkle but could've gotten away with two.  The formula on this wasn't the best. It was very thick, and you want to make sure each coat is dry before adding another or the polish won't spread very well. Love the holo in this. 

By the way, this was a mini bottle. I got this in a set of four and will post the other colors soon.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Orly - Cupcakes And Unicorns


I'm finally getting around to posting a swatch of Orly Cupcakes And Unicorns. Cupcakes And Unicorns is part of the Flash Glam FX collection.  I have already posted on three other colors from this collection (out of 22).

Cupcakes And Unicorn is a pink/purple (somewhat) duochrome shimmer with reddish pink bar glitter. That was probably the worst description ever... Anyways, I layered it over black since its too sheer to wear on its own. Now, on to the picture.

I used one coat of Wet N Wild Black Creme followed by two coats of Cupcakes and Unicorns.  It was really difficult to get good coverage of the bar glitter, and had to kinda of slop the polish on to get a good amount of it on my nail. Other than that, I think the pink shimmer is gorgeous, and loved this layered over black.  I'm going to have to experiment layering this over other colors. 

Well thats it for the Flash Glam FX collection, until I buy the rest that is. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Orly - Mermaid Tale

Today, I have swatches of Orly Mermaid Tale over Black.  Mermaid Tale is part of of the Flash Glam FX collection, which is to die for! This is a predominately green with blue glitter in a clear base.  Like the other two polishes I swatched from this collection, I layered this over black.

I used one coat of Wet N Wild Black Creme and 3 coats of Mermaid Tale.  The polish was pretty thick but it made it easier to spread the glitter on my nails. Next up is Orly Cupcakes and Unicorns. 

Thanks for stopping by!