Friday, April 13, 2012

My Experience with Little Black Bag

Hey everyone!

My first Little Black Bag arrived a few days ago, and I thought I'd share my experience with you.

Little Black Bag is a subscription service I heard about through the blogosphere.  Its kind of like the other subscription services like Julep Maven and Birchbox. It is $49.99 for the monthly membership, and $59.99 if you just want it once.  With the monthly membership, you can skip anytime as long as you request it in time, and cancel anytime.

Basically you take a quiz, then choose your first item you'd like. They also give you 1-3 surprise items picked out by their stylists.  But it doesn't end there.  You are then given one week to swap your items with other members.  By swapping items, you can get more items, and a higher value than you started off with. If you want more info you can go to their webpage here.

The trading is the best and addicting part of the whole program.  With the trading, you have a way of ensuring you like everything you're going to receive.  You can also try to maximize that value of your package by trading up, or by trading for multiple items.

Here is what I got in my first package:

I received a R&Em Rebel Crossbody purse, Umbra Butterfly Wall Decor, and a Lydell NYC Double Horn Necklace.  I can't remember what my entire value came out to, oops.  But I know I saved over $50.  

I really had fun ordering from Little Black Bag. It's very unique in that it lets you trade your items. You get at least $100 in value.  I'm pretty sure I spend way more than $50 on accessories and purses a month, so I think I'll keep my subscription and try not to spend elsewhere.  

What do you think of Little Black Bag?

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