Friday, April 6, 2012

The Parking Meteor Expired + Stamping

Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days.  It just got so hectic with work and school I couldn't find the time. I did manage to buy a few polishes though, including the one I'm going to share with you today.

I have Spoiled The Parking Meteor Expired for you. This is a black teal shimmer. In the bottle, the shimmer shifts from teal to purple.  Unfortunately this polish doesn't translate to the nail very well.  On the nail, it looks very black and you can only see the teal shimmer in sunlight, and there's no purple shift.  

After wearing The Parking Meteor Expired for a day, I decided to stamp over it.  I stamped a zigzag pattern using plate BM-201 and Revlon Smoldering. I love the duochrome of Smoldering!

The Parking Meteor Expired applied great.  I used two coats in my pictures, but if you're careful, you probably could get away with one. What I didn't like was the brush.  The brush is wide, and one side is tapered .  I really dislike wide brushes.

I was kind of skeptical about using Smoldering for stamping because it's a little sheer, but it turned out great.I wonder how well it'll stamp over lighter colors? I loved how strong the duochrome is and couldn't stop looking at my nails.  This did hide the teal shimmer in The Parking Meteor Expired though.  

Well now that I have a few days off coming up, you can look forward to me posting a little more often.

Thanks for stopping by!

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