Friday, April 20, 2012

Ludurana Aurora Boreal Reluz

Hey there!

Today I have another polish from my purchase from Llarowe, Ludurana Aurora Boreal Reluz.  This is an amazing duochrome. For the most part it shifts from blue to purple, with hints of golden brown, pink, and teal (its hard to say because its only at extreme angles). This is such an amazing color, and I can't seem to keep my eyes off of my nails.

You can kind of see that golden brown I was talking about. 

This polish was very thin. It was pretty sheer and I needed 3 coats for full coverage. I think this polish would be a great color to layer over black. I'll have to swatch that for you one day. This has an amazing color shift, and it really sparkles in the sun. I absolutely love it. 

I hope you enjoyed this polish as much as I did! Thanks for reading. 

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