Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NOTD: Spoiled Shrimp On The Barbie


Today my nails are painted with another Spoiled polish, Shrimp On The Barbie. I think this might become one of my favorites! It's a gorgeous gold glass flecked coral-pink.

This is 3 coats because it was a little sheer, but not bad. Like the other Spoiled polishes, it has a very wide, slanted brush, which I find hard to work with. Other then that, I think this polish is amazing. I couldn't bare covering up this color with any nail art. For $2, this polish is a must have. 


Today is Tom's One Day Without Shoes. Of course I'm sporting Essie Barefoot in Blue for this occasion. I participated but didn't really leave me house except to go to the tattoo shop to drop off and pick up my bf. My picture is not color accurate at all. I'll probably swatch and review Barefoot in Blue on my hands in the future.

This is the picture that I posted onto Instagram. I added a filter to it to make my feet more bearable. You can find me on Instagram at helenk90.

Did you participate in One Day Without Shoes? 


  1. I have this polish too. If you get the chance pick up Spoiled Checkin into Rehab, I bought both of these at the same time and I was not disappointed, hope you like it if you get it! :))

    1. I'll keep my eyes out for it, especially since all the displays are always picked over. Thanks for the recommendation Kelly!