Friday, May 17, 2013

Rose Water Decals From BPS

I recently bought a few water decals from the Born Pretty Store. I'm not very good at free hand nail art so I thought water decals would be an easy way for me jazz up my nails. Here are the nails I did using some of their rose water decals.

I'm not completely in love with the colors I used, but I love the water decals. They were so easy to use and place. I cut out the flowers I wanted to use from the sheet and plunged them into the water. After about 10 seconds in the water, you can slide the decal off of the paper backing and place it onto your nails. If the placement isn't just right, you can slide the water decals around. Once it was placed the way I wanted, I pressed the water decals down to make sure it was flush with the nail and dried them off with a paper towel. Add some top coat and you're good to go. Easy right? 

You can get the rose decals, along with a ton of different designs from the Born Pretty Store


  1. These look amazing, I tried water decals from BPS a few days ago and found it a bit hard to use, they creased on me a bit and I couldn't move it around after the initial placement!

    1. When you first place it, make sure the decal is still pretty wet, since it's the water that allows you to slide it around.

  2. Aww so cute I'm just waiting for my water decals to arrive from bornpretty... :)