Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bundle Monster Stamping Plate Case Review

Recently I purchased the Bundle Monster stamping plate case. Before I bought the case, I just stored all my stamping plates in a little box. It was really hard for me to go through and find a plate I wanted to use, and I was finally fed up with it so I went on Amazon and searched for "stamping plate storage." The first entry was the Bundle Monster Nail Stamp Stamping Plate Zippered Synthetic Leather Case Plates Holder Organizer (the name is pretty redundant.)

This case is exactly what I needed. It has 84 slots, but will hold 168 plates since you can put two plates into each slot back to back. This case makes it so much easier for me to flip through to find a plate I want to use. The case is a shiny black leather with a crocodile texture, I really like it. The inside of the case has a soft suede sort of fabric. The case won't fit all plates, but fits the Bundle Monster and Konad plates perfectly. The Cheeky plates I have are too big and won't fit, but they came with their own storage so not a biggie.

I purchased this off of Amazon here for $15.99. I think it's a must have if you don't already have a storage solution for your Bundle Monster or Konad plates. 

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  1. I want to get into stamping too, I have this cheap set from those as seen on TV ones, they don't work very well :/