Monday, February 18, 2013

Claire's Sun Changing Nail Polish

Today,  I want to share one of Claire's Sun Changing Nail Polishes with you. Unfortunately none of the polishes from the collection has a name. I can't remember exactly how many polishes are in this collection, I want to say six, but I have two of them. I have a green to blue glitter, and a peach to pink polish. I have pictures of the peach to pink.

(The actual colors inside and outside don't match the sticker colors.)



Outside (in my car)


The polish is sheer, it looks like a normal glitter topper. I used two coats of Wet N Wild Megalast 2% Milk as a base, which is also really sheer. Then, I added two coats of the color changing polish. Even though I have VNL, I still really liked how it turned out. I had used the polish on a pretty overcast day and took pictures when the sun peaked out while I was out shopping. The changed is very noticeable  but goes away quickly if you're not in direct sun light. The longer my nails were exposed to the sunlight, the more pink it got. 

They were $7 each, but Claire's normally has a BOGO 50% off sales on their nail polishes. 

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