Sunday, September 9, 2012

Love and Beauty Haul + Swatches

I ordered a few things from Forever 21 not to long ago, and couldn't resist getting a few of their Love and Beauty polishes.  I ordered four of them and wanted to share them with you today because I was pretty impressed with the polishes.  The Love and Beauty polishes don't really have names on them, just what color they are, but online, they had a better descriptive name which I will be using.

From left to right: Iridescent Grey (bottle shot is no where near accurate), Silver Glitter, Imperial Blue, Iridescent Envy. 
The first four swatches are all one coat of polish over black, and the fifth swatch is three coats of Iridescent Envy. 

This is Imperial Blue.  I used three coats in my pictures.

Iridescent Grey, Imperial Blue, and Iridescent Envy were extremely sheer.  I feel like they look best over black.  Imperial Blue is a blue and purple shimmer in a blue base, and the purple shimmer really pops over black than it does by itself. Silver Glitter is a chunky holo, and you could probably get full coverage in three coats. I know the swatches aren't the best but I wanted to get a quick swatch out before they just sit with my other untried polishes. 

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