Thursday, June 14, 2012

Julep Daisy Stamped with Julep Robin

Hey everyone!

Lately I feel like I don’t have time for anything. All I do is work and sleep. I haven’t been painting my nails nearly as often as I’d like to. I definitely need to prioritize and reorganize my life. 

Earlier this week I painted my nails using Julep Daisy, which reminds me of egg yolk. I stamped on top of that using Julep Robin and Cheeky plate CH9. I received both these colors in my June Boho Glam Julep Maven box.

photo 1

photo 3

photo 4

photo 2

I used three coats of Daisy to get full coverage. Daisy was a little streaky, but what yellow isn’t. Robin stamped pretty well, even though it was still a little sheer, causing Daisy to change how Robin looks. I’ll swatch Robin for my next post. Robin looks very similar to China Glaze For Audrey, I’ll compare both to see how they match up. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm glad I got daisy, it looks so pretty! Ot doesn't look streaky anymore and that's all that matters

    1. Its such a pretty shade, and the formula wasn't bad for a yellow.