Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pure Ice - I'll Never Tell

Pure Ice I'll Never Tell is a brown with gold shimmer. It also has sheer white flakes which I felt like the polish could have used without. 

I used two coats. The formula was streaky and sheer at one coat, but a thicker second coat took care of it. I really liked the brown and golden shimmer but I hated the sheer white flakes in the polish. It wasn't that noticeable on the nails, so it just felt unnecessary and it didn't help with applying the streaky formula. 


  1. I have this but it's called Alter Ego. I wonder why they changed the name?

    1. That's weird. I'm not sure, but I know they released a lot of new colors for 2013.

  2. Oh this is pretty unique, I don't have anything like this in my collection!

  3. Such a pretty color, but such a bummer about the formula.