Monday, October 8, 2012

Orly - Cupcakes And Unicorns


I'm finally getting around to posting a swatch of Orly Cupcakes And Unicorns. Cupcakes And Unicorns is part of the Flash Glam FX collection.  I have already posted on three other colors from this collection (out of 22).

Cupcakes And Unicorn is a pink/purple (somewhat) duochrome shimmer with reddish pink bar glitter. That was probably the worst description ever... Anyways, I layered it over black since its too sheer to wear on its own. Now, on to the picture.

I used one coat of Wet N Wild Black Creme followed by two coats of Cupcakes and Unicorns.  It was really difficult to get good coverage of the bar glitter, and had to kinda of slop the polish on to get a good amount of it on my nail. Other than that, I think the pink shimmer is gorgeous, and loved this layered over black.  I'm going to have to experiment layering this over other colors. 

Well thats it for the Flash Glam FX collection, until I buy the rest that is. 


  1. The pink shimmers are totally drool worthy! I love the subtle shifts in color! I definitely need to try to find this one!

    1. You should check out, they have Orly polishes at a really good price. That's where I normally get all of mine.